Civil Service Benefits
Civil Service Benefits


Our medical benefits scheme, for employees and eligible dependents, is administered by the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company. Coverage includes medical, dental and optical benefits. Services are provided by the Health Services Authority and, where medically necessary, through referral to other providers either locally or overseas. There are no deductions from your salary for medical premiums and no co-pay requirements.


The Civil Service participates in the defined contribution plan managed by the Public Service Pension Board. Civil Servants between the age of 18 and 65 are eligible to participate in the plan. We contribute 12% of your pensionable pay to the plan, each pay period, covering both the employer and employee portions. This is done without deduction from your pay.

Learning & Development

Civil Servants enjoy free access to learning and development opportunities through the Civil Service College and our online learning portal. There are a range of programs to suit all levels of learners whether to upskill yourself within your current role or prepare yourself for your next career opportunity. Orientation, general professional development, career specific content and a leadership and management stream are a few of the many options offered either in a classroom setting or online.

Annual Leave

Civil Servants enjoy a generous leave provision, over and above the minimum requirements for the private sector. Except for teachers and police officers, annual leave ranges from a minimum of 18 to 25 days per annum.

Employee Welfare

As a caring employer, supporting our employees' wellbeing is a priority. Civil Servants can access generous sickness, compassionate and bereavement leave provisions when needed, as well as support through the Employee Assistance Program and emergency loan provisions. In addition, there is an active Wellness Committee that promotes health and wellness through education, initiatives and events.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an organisation that serves our community, we provide opportunities for our staff to be good corporate citizens. We support charitable organisations through participation in various fund-raising events. Our CIG Cares payroll deduction programme supports charities selected by Civil Servant participants.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Our diversity of career options affords Civil Servants various working arrangements including shift-work, part-time work, remote, and flexible working.

Overseas Relocation

For Civil Servants recruited from overseas benefits include relocation and flight expenses, for the employee and eligible dependents, hotel accommodation on arrival and access to a settlement loan.